Business Activities

To achieve our goals, our company operates in several sectors:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Other Metals


PT Kristalin Ekalestari explores gold along the Musairo River, ini Makimi district, Nabire, Papua. The exploration site of PT Kristalin Ekalestari spans 60km towards the eastern town of Nabire as the capital of Nabire, Papua. PT Kristalin Ekalestari’s location can be travelled by land transportation for 1,5 to 2 hours, reaching Legari village/SP-1, and then using a specialized 4×4 vehicle along the Musairo river for another 10km that takes bout 0,5 hours.
Based on geological observation of the surface and the construction of the testing wells as well as drillings conducted by the internal exploration team of PT Kristalin Ekalestari, it is concluded that the potential area lays upon 4,200 hectare with inferred mineral resources approximately 32,723,514 grams AU (32.7 tons AU) and ready to mine minerals approximately 13,754,971 grams AU (13.7 tons AU).



The Papua province of Indonesia is rich of natural resources. Papua joined the Republic of Indonesia May 1st, 1963 with a total area of 404,669 kilometer square, and only inhabited by 7,310,000 population, approximately 18 people per kilometer square. The city of Timika that is located in the Mimika district is dominant in the area, where PT Freeport Indonesia, the biggest mining company with the most gold and silver output in the nation is located. Aside from Mimika, also located in Nabire is a mining site of alluvial gold. As a newly established district, the area contains a high level of minerals, especially gold. PT Kristalin Ekalestari entered the gold mining sector in Nabire on 2007, owning authority to gold mining and exploration for 5000 hectares of land around Nifase village, along the musairo river, Nabire, Papua. In 2010, the authority to mine changed into mining lisence for exploration. In addition, in 2011, PT Kristalin Ekalestari was also granted mining lisence for operational production for 198 hectares in Makimi village. To conduct mass mining for alluvial gold, PT Kristalin Ekalestari is cooperating with local and foreign investors to to optimize the mining sector, with a noble purpose to improve the local and national economies. PT Kristalin Ekalestari commits to develop and improve local economies, particularly areas rich with mineral resources by establishing mass mining using proper tools and technologies for mining and processing. PT Kristalin Ekalestari is currently active in exploration projects for several mining materials, such as:
  • Gold exploration in Nabire, Papua on a 5000 Ha land.
  • Gold processing in Nabire, Papua on a 198 Ha land.
Gold minerals have a significant role in improving the nation’s economy. PT Kristalin Ekalestari aims to contribute to the region’s government, optimizing underdeveloped economies of local areas, and support potential mining sites in Nabire, Papua.


Aside from big scale gold mining activities, PT Kristalin Ekalestari also supports gold mining businesses of the locals. This collaboration with the locals with customary rights aim to improve local gold commodity. Local minings are supported and trained to assure excellent processing, effectivity, and efficiency. The company also advocates local miners without a license (PETI) to get licensed based on the rules and regulations established in the mining sector. By optimizing the gold commodity through the local gold mining industry, it is expected that we are able to improve the living standards of the local community, especially in Nabire, Papua.


PT Kristalin Ekalestari
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